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Heritage Tour 3

Tour no.: offered
Dates: 18.09.2020 - 01.10.2020
  • Meet relatives, visit heritage sites
  • Discover Czech history, culture and cuisine
  • Taste the excellent Czech beer and enjoy a unique beer bath
  • Get a boat ride in spectacular Moravian Karst caves
  • Sing and dance with a dulcimer band ...
Day 1 USA – Czech Republic
Travel day, group leaves USA
Day 2 Prague
Arrival at Prague airport, transfer to Pension Ganymed, check-in. A short sightseeing tour of Vysehrad – a “castle on the heights”, downtown Prague. Dinner will be served at the pension including a welcome drink of Becherovka.
Day 3 Prague
We will start the day by taking you to the Old Town Square to see the famous Astronomical clock and the old Jewish Quarter. In the afternoon we will tour the Prague Castle complex, visit St. Vitus cathedral, and walk through the Castle gardens to Lesser Quarter. We finish the tour on the famous Charles Bridge. The evening will be free for you to explore the rest of the capital on your own.
Day 4 Southern Moravia
Breakfast in the Pension restaurant. Travel to Moravia to visit a most beautiful, heavily wooded hilly area north of the Moravian capital, Brno, carved with canyons and honey-combed with some 400 karst caves. Tour of the caves on foot and by boat, and a walk through the mighty Macocha Abyss. Travel to Velke Bilovice, check-in to hotel Akademie.
Day 5 Southern Moravia
Visit to the most architecturally valuable region of the Czech Republic, the Lednice-Valtice Landscape. Guided tour of the Valtice Chateau, boat trip through the Lednice Chateau gardens to the unique minaret. Tour through ancient wine cellars, wine tasting, dinner at the famous Templars Cellars with dulcimer band Morava.
Day 6 Velke Bilovice - Telc - Cesky Krumlov
We will be heading for the town of Telc, one of the UNESCO Heritage Site towns, famous for its beautiful square with well-preserved Renaissance and Baroque townhouses and arcades. The Renaissance 16th century chateau and its gardens are also worth visiting. The end of the day will find us settled in pension Rosa in another UNESCO Heritage Site town, a picturesque city of Cesky Krumlov.
Heritage Tour 3-poznavaci_zajezdy_odst_117.JPG
Day 7 Cesky Krumlov – Brloh
From our “homebase” in Cesky Krumlov it is not far to the little town of Brloh. After only a short drive along the narrow winding roads through the beautiful South Bohemian countryside you will find yourselves standing by a small local church or enjoying the hospitality of your relatives or friends. And their ‘kolatche’ and wild mushroom schnitzels are absolutely delicious!!!
Heritage Tour 3-poznavaci_zajezdy_odst_118.JPG
Day 8 Cesky Krumlov – Brloh
Then there is the Cesky Krumlov Chateau, the second largest in the Czech Republic after Prague Castle. You can tour its luxurious interior and walk around its beautiful gardens, Or, if you feel like it, you can try your luck at kayaking or canoeing on the Vltava river!! When tired and hungry, you can pick just the right place for you from numerous restaurants, pubs and taverns in the Inner Town or on the river.
Heritage Tour 3-poznavaci_zajezdy_odst_119.JPG
Day 9 Cesky Krumlov – Brloh
Ready to shop? The unique historical center of the town with its winding medieval streets and townhouses has a lot to offer. You do not have to worry about the traffic, the whole city center is a visitor-friendly pedestrian zone. Wander about as long as you like, but make sure you’re out to see Cesky Krumlov at night - it looks stunning!
Heritage Tour 3-poznavaci_zajezdy_odst_120.JPG
Day 10 Cesky Krumlov – Chodova Plana
Breakfast at the pension Rosa and then a long drive to Chodova Plana, a little town in western Bohemia. The comfortable hotel rooms at the Hotel U Sladka (At the Brewmaster’s) offer every comfort, and even more – make sure you don’t miss the experience from the first beer spa in the country!
Heritage Tour 3-poznavaci_zajezdy_odst_121.JPG
Day 11 Chodova Plana – Tepla Monastery– Marianske lazne
The historical Tepla monastery, the second oldest Premonstratensian monastery in the Czech Republic, founded in the 12th century is on the list today. It boasts a sturdy Romanesque-Gothic church and the second largest library in the country housing nearly 100,000 books. In the afternoon we will visit a spa town of Marianske Lazne, where you can enjoy a leisurely walk around its parks and taste the local healing mineral waters.
Day 12 Chodova Plana - Prague
After breakfast at the hotel we’ll be heading directly for Prague, and check-in to Pension Ganymed. The afternoon will be free for you to enjoy the town on your own and as you like – shopping, sightseeing, eating, drinking …. or just relaxing.
Day 13 Prague
The last day with a choice! More sightseeing ? The Strahov Monastery and the Loretto, the mini-Eiffel tower on the Petrin Hill, Prague museums, galleries and other sights are waiting…. Or the last minute shopping? Or maybe just enjoying some free time before getting together for the farewell dinner at the Pension Ganymed.
Day 14 Prague - USA
Transport to the airport and travel home.
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